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CCC No. 596 – Issued on June 4, 2003
Category “C” Water District


Arnold G. Valencia – General Manager

Mary Rose A. Aguillo – Division Manager (Administrative and General Services Division)

Nelson B. Santiago – Division Manager (Engineering and Construction Division)

Paul Albert Q. Meer – Division Manager (Finance and Commercial Division)

MISSION: To continuously provide potable water to all consumers within the City of Cabuyao and to protect water resources within the District’s territorial jurisdiction.

VISION: To make potable water available to all Cabuyeños by utilizing all possible water sources such as springs, rivers, and groundwater; and to operate and provide modern facilities for the collection, treatment, and disposal of sewerage, waste, and storm water.


The year is 2003. Thirty years after Presidential Decree 198 was passed into law, Cabuyao Water District was formed amidst the growing need for a sustainable supply of potable and reasonably priced water. The formation of CABWAD could not come in a much better time. The demand for potable water is at its peak and the clamor for an efficient water service provider is being voiced out by every sector of the society. Consequently, CABWAD was formed.

Initially, CABWAD was composed of only five employees: a General Manager and four field and office personnel. There were five members of the Board of Directors coming from the different sectors of the society. Like every budding organization, CABWAD encountered many difficulties and trials. The eagerness and dedication of the employees and the Board of Directors was unquestionable, but without the proper funding, the organization was destined to fail.

The local government of Cabuyao extended its helping hand. It subsidized the salaries of the employees and it also provided additional funding for small projects paving the way for the turn-over of the water system of two subdivisions in Cabuyao. It was a good boost for the morale of the CABWAD staff, and a good indicator that the future of CABWAD is slowly being shaped. From then on, steadily, the District’s economic viability strengthened-up and projections for future service connections were realistically forecasted.

In 2006, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) awarded a 1.4-Million-Peso loan to CABWAD which was eventually used for the rehabilitation of the water system of another turned-over subdivision. With more than 500 service connections, the addition of the said subdivision greatly increased the revenue of the District.

Then in 2010, CABWAD took a giant leap forward. LWUA awarded a 100-Million-Peso loan intended for the construction of the water system of 7 barangays. Seeing that the loan would be enough to cover the cost of laying distribution pipes for 15 barangays, Engr. Dominador K. De Castro, Jr., the Interim General Manager, modified the original plan and went on to execute a new scheme that would prove to be an excellent idea. By the end of 2011, 17 barangays were already being serviced by CABWAD, leaving just one barangay on the expansion list – Barangay Casile.

CABWAD’s streak of providence continued in 2012. The city government of Cabuyao awarded a 4-Million-Peso donation intended for the pipe-laying project of Brgy. Casile. The venture was miniature compared with the previous LWUA-backed project. But it was enough to put CABWAD in the list of the very few water districts who managed to put-up service distribution lines in all of the barangays within its territorial jurisdiction.